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Our Wine

our production through the years

`` Handcrafted limited production labels Bottling Quality Since 1928 ``

Vinification History

Ancient B.C. Period

The first PDO was found in a shipwreck in the Aegean with the indication Rhodes.

Italian period


Wine making is starting again in Rhodes.

First Production


The beginning of Kounaki WInes includes simple wine making methods.

Restoring of the old Winery


Reconstruction of listed buildings begins. Modernization of mechanical equipment. Introduction to bottling.

First Award


White Blend ``Malagouzia, Sauvignon Blank, Asirtiko, Chardonnay`` Scores 84.6 in International competition of Thessaloniki.

Best Winery to visit in Rhodes Island


Winery is focused in introducing the Rhodian WIne with the best possible way.

Oak Organic

OAK Blend Organic

Organoleptic profile
Red color with blue highlights. Aroma of small red fruits like palm violet and berries, notes of coffee & tobacco. In the mouth tannins are soft with medium body and balanced acidity. Long fruity aftertaste.
  • Syrah 40%
  • Cabernet sauvignon 30%
  • Merlot 30%

Vinification & winemaking process

Oak Blend organic is a single wineyard blend of syrah merlot and cabernet sauvignon. This varieties are harvested and fermented seperately with two different types of yeast each for maximum complexity. Cold soak and a semi carbonic maceration is applied for 7 days total in low temperature. After the seperation of the skins we use only the free run juice. This wine is aged for six months in french oak barrels and bottled unstabilized and unfiltered.


Kimatothrafstis 2019

Organoleptic profile

 Bright yellow color with green highlights. Green fruit aroma like green apple with flower aroma notes and light herbal aroma notes. Herbal and flower mouth aroma, round with pleasant acidity. Aromatic and long aftertaste.

  • Malagouzia 60%
  • Asirtiko 20%
  • Chardonnay 20%

Vinification & winemaking  process

 Wavecrasher is a blend of 3 different tanks from over 10 different wineyards and 2 different Dodecanese islands. The grapes are either get frozen at 4°C in the winery cooling chamber or arrive in fridge trucks ready for the process of cold soak. After a short cold soak, we extract only the first low pressed juice and after settling, we ferment it with 2 different yeast for more complexity. After the lab control we make the blend between the tanks. Each tank has fermented seperately from one another. The first tank has more nose aroma, the second has more mouth aroma and the third has both. The final blend is a combination of 40% from each of the first two tanks and 20% of the third, making the final result a more complete wine. 


Athiri Rhodes 2017

Organoleptic profile

Light yellow color with many green highlights. Aroma of unripe white fruits like apple and pear but also notes of fully ripped fruits like peach and banana. Round, pleasant acidity and very aromatic mouthfeel medium bodied and long after taste.

Vinification & wine making  process

The grapes used for this label are sourced from a limited batch of steep inclined, high altitude vineyards. The vines mature a month later than is typical onthe island of Rhodes, maturing them in mild rhythms so they do not lose acidity and aroma. When the grapes reach the winery, they stay in a cooling chamber before any processing. The extraction process is short and the fermentation is slow. Uniquely, by adding 2 different kinds of yeast we achieve a fuller, more complex body. The wine is left to mature at low temperatures, along with the lees, for 3 months prior to the bottling process.


Rose 2019

Organoleptic profile

Light rose colour. Aroma of grapefruit, passion fruit, small red berries and notes of flowers. Full bodied with balanced acidity and long sweet aftertaste.

  • Sauvignon Blank 50%
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 30%
  • Moschato 20%  

Vinification & winemaking

 Rosé blend  is made out of 3 different wineyards with total different terroir. Grapes first go to the cooling chamber and after a short cold soak we gather only the first run and low press juice. After settling we use a wild yeast to start the fermentation and then we add 2 different yeast and use thiolic fermentation protocol which requires different nutrients and higher fermentation temperatures. After the lab control we blend our fermented wine with 200 liters of naturally sweet red wine to make the final blend of the Rose semi sweet wine.


Armenistis 2019

Organoleptic profile
Bright yellow with green highlights. Classic moschato grape aroma, white riped summer fruits like apricot, peach and notes of apple and pear. Pleasand acidity that balances the alcohol nicely, round and medium body, long fruity aftertaste.
  • Moschato 80%
  • Chardonnay 20%
Vinification & winemaking  process
Armenistis is a wine made from 3 different organic wineyards. These wineyards are semi-mountainous located at 300-400m altitude. As soon as the grapes are harvested,we tranfer them to a cooling chamber at 2°C andthe next day we make a short 3 hour cold soak inside the press in low temperature. We use only the first run juice that comes at 0.5atm from the press. The grapes are fermented in different tanks with 4 different yeasts in low temps for maximum esteric production. After the blend, we make the lab control and stabilize the wine where it passes through one light filter before bottling. Only 2600 bottles are produced and not necessary every year.