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Κυματοθραύστης Wavecrasher 2021


Protected Geographical Indication Dodecanese

White Dry

80% Malagouzia.
20% Asirtiko

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Winemaker’s Notes

Wavecrasher is a blend mainly from Malagouzia. Malagouzia and Assyrtiko are the two most popular varieties of Greece. Malagouzia is a medium aromatic variety with roundness smooth acidity herbal and fruit aroma. Assyrtiko is full of edges with very high acidity, citrus aroma and minerality. These two varieties are quite the oposite from each other but the blend is an incredible result.



The Wavecrasher vineyards boast semi-mountainous terrain, comprising 3 parts Malagouzia and 1 part Assyrtiko cultivars. Positioned underneath the limestone-infused Prophet Ilias mountain, these vineyards are a sight to behold. While the harvest begins in August, we deliberately delayed harvesting for this particular label to create a unique profile with a more pronounced fruity flavor and reduced herbal notes, with an altered balance of sweetness and acidity. The blend of this label leans more towards 80% Malagouzia and 20% Assyrtiko.


Production protocol of Wavecrasher

Wavecrasher is a unique and distinct wine that is carefully crafted through the combination of two tanks made from grapes sourced from four different terroirs.

To achieve the perfect blend, our winery utilizes a cooling chamber to freeze the grapes at 4°C. From there, we undergo a cold soak and extract only the first low-pressed juice. Following settling, we ferment the juice with two different strains of yeast, which imparts complexity and depth to the wine.

Our team of experts then conducts lab control tests to ensure a consistent and high-quality product. Finally, we blend the tanks to achieve the ultimate complexity and a complete wine that is truly worthy of its name- Wavecrasher.


Organoleptic profile of Wavecrasher

The bright yellow color with green highlights, reminiscent of golden sunbeams shining through verdant foliage, immediately captures the eye. The aroma is equally captivating, with inviting green fruit notes of freshly picked green apples. As you delve deeper, you’ll discover aromatic hints of delicate flowers with gentle herbal notes that tease the senses. The magic continues as you take a sip, with tantalizing floral and herbal flavors that fill your mouth, balanced by a round body and pleasant acidity that perfectly complement the aroma.

And let’s not forget the extraordinary finished, an aromatic and lingering aftertaste that enticingly lingers on the tongue, begging for another sip. This wine is a mesmerizing triumph of winemaking, an excellent choice for those who crave a wine that is both elegant and aromatic.