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Κυματοθραύστης Wavecrasher 2022


Protected Geographical Indication Dodecanese

White Dry

60% Malagouzia
40% Asirtiko

Ph: 3.4
Alcohol: 11.65%
Reducing sugars: 1.3gr/1
Volatile acidity: 0.27gr/1
Total sulfids: 78mg/l
Free sulfids :27mg/l

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Winemaker’s Notes:
Wavecrasher is a blend mainly from Malagouzia. Malagouzia and Assyrtiko are the two mostpopular varieties of Greece. Malagouzia is a medium aromatic variety with roundness smooth acidity herbal and fruit aroma. Assyrtiko is full of edges with very high acidity, citrus aroma and minerality.
These two varieties are quite the oposite from each other but the blend is an incredible result.



Wavecrasher wine is a blend of grapes from six different vineyards, including two seaside vineyards that benefit from the cool breeze of the Aegean. These low-altitude vineyards impart a fruity aroma to the wine, while the higher altitude vineyards contribute a more herbal aroma. Additionally, there are four vineyards located in semi-mountainous areas beneath the mountain of Prophet Ilias, which is rich in limestone.

The two most popular grape varieties used in Wavecrasher wine are Malagouzia and Assyrtiko. Malagouzia is a medium aromatic grape with a smooth acidity and notes of herbs, fruit, white flowers, and strong night flowers. Assyrtiko, on the other hand, is known for its minerality, citrus aroma, and high acidity. What’s unique about this grape is that it can withstand high temperatures in the summer, allowing for a later harvest while still maintaining its acidity. This grape has gained worldwide recognition and is even being grown in other countries such as Australia and South Africa. The Assyrtiko grape originated from Santorini Island and has since become a famous Greek variety enjoyed by wine enthusiasts all over the world.


Production protocol of Wavecrasher

Our winemaking process for Malagouzia and Assyrtiko begins with handpicking each grape variety in 20kg baskets, ensuring the grapes are carefully selected for quality. The baskets are then immediately placed in the fridge to drop the temperature, allowing us to extract the best juice possible. We take only the free run and nothing above 0.2 atm from the press to ensure that only the highest quality juice is being used. Both varieties are fermented separately in different tanks. Before fermentation begins, the juice is kept at 5°C for a day to ensure all solids settle at the bottom of the tank. We use a wild yeast to start fermentation, which is then followed by a second specific yeast for each variety. This process adds a greater complexity to the wine, producing unique characteristics for each variety.

For Assyrtiko, we use a specific yeast that emphasizes the terroir of the vineyard, while for Malagouzia, an esteric yeast is used to give a more herbal and flowery aroma. After the aging process on the lees for six months, we make our final blend and stabilize the proteins and acidity for two weeks. We then lightly filter the wine before bottling it.

Our meticulous winemaking process ensures that you can taste the highest quality of Malagouzia and Assyrtiko in every glass.


Organoleptic profile of Wavecrasher

This wine shows a beautiful light yellow hue with stunning green highlights that capture the light beautifully. On the nose, one is immediately transported to a summer orchard filled with ripe stone fruits like juicy peach at its peak of ripeness. One can also detect the aroma of delicate flowers adding a touch of elegance to the wine.

As you take your first sip, you’ll experience a smooth acidity that is perfectly balanced with a great roundness that fills your mouth with a sensation of luxury. It’s undeniable that this wine is full of minerality, which can be attributed to the soil where the grapes are grown. The minerality in the wine complements the aroma of stone fruit and citrus.

The finish is just as perfect as the first sip, with the aroma of stone fruit lingering long after the last drop. Overall, if you’re in search of a light, flavourful wine that leaves you wanting more, give Wavecrasher a try.