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Athiri Acacia 2022


Protected Geographical Indication Dodecanese

White Dry

100% Athiri

Ph: 3.33
Acidity: 6.7gr/1
Alcohol: 12.5%
Volatile acidity: 0.4gr/1
Total sulfids: 80mg/1
Free sulfids: 25mg/1
Reducing sugars: 0.9gr/1

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Winemaker’s Notes
Athiri is Rhodes native grape, grown in an elevated, ungrafted vineyard with limestone soil. The result is a mineral-rich wine with complex, crisp acidity, earthy notes, and acacia barrel elegance, featuring stone fruits and layered minerality.



These historic vineyards, planted in the 1920s by Italian occupiers of Rodos Island, boast pre-phylloxera vines with European root systems. The Athiri grapevines, grown at an elevation of 950m on the limestone slopes of Mount Attaviros, are a unique expression of this terroir. Our harvest begins in early September, nearly a month after other Athiri vineyards have been picked. The dramatic temperature shifts between day and night help to preserve the grapes’ natural acidity,while the limestone soil lends minerality to the wine.Furthermore, the high-altitude location exposes the grapes to strong UV rays, which prompts the production of more aromatic compounds that protect the fruit from sun damage. All of these factors contribute to the singular character of our vineyard and the exceptional quality of our wine.


Vinification & winemaking process

Athiri acacia is a premium wine crafted from the free run juice of Athiri grapes sourced from the old vineyards situated on the mountain above Emponas village. To ensure the grapes are at the perfect temperature, we refrigerate them for a day upon arrival, bringing them to a temperature below 12°C due to cooler September weather. The next day, we carefully fill the press with grapes and dry ice to extract high-quality free run juice before the press start which is then transferred to a clean tank.

To prevent any fermentation, we keep the tank at 5°C and allow the solids to settle at the bottom. Next, we prepare the wild yeast for the next day, which will be transferred to the tank along with the clear juice to initiate fermentation. After two days of primary fermentation, we add the main yeast to the mix.

We follow a strict organic feeding program for the yeast, and we transfer 20% of the ongoing fermentation to two new Acacia barrels to finish the fermentation process. We age the wine on lees for 11 months in the tank and in the barrels before blending, stabilizing, filtering, and bottling the final product.

Our time-intensive and costlier approach yields the best results, delivering an incredibly smooth and fine-tasting wine with unique characteristics from the Athiri grapes and the acacia barrels.


Organoleptic profile of Athiri Acacia

Indulge your senses with Athiri Acacia, a remarkable wine that embodies the essence of nature. As you pour it into your glass, marvel at its exquisite light yellow hue with green highlights, evocative of sunlight filtering through lush trees in a pristine forest.

Prepare to be transported to a realm of tantalizing aromas that will leave you breathless. Aromas of succulent stone fruits will dance, tantalize and enchant you, heightened by earthy notes delicately infused by the acacia barrels and the vineyards. As you take a sip, the wine will caress your palate, with its smooth acidity and rounded texture, delicately balanced with a minerality that amplifies the taste sensation.

The finish lingers, providing an unforgettable aftertaste as the flavors linger long after the last sip. Athiri Acacia is a wine that engenders a remarkable harmony between the senses, elevating your wine experience to new heights. Indulge in this beautiful creation, and discover why it stands apart from the rest.