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Sweet OAK


Organoleptic profile
Dark red colour. Aroma of red berries, small red fruits, jam and baked fruits notes of tobacco and coffee. Smouth sweet taste with really bold mouthfeel Long fruity aftertaste.
  • 100%amoriano

Protected geographical Indication Dodecanese

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Vinification & winemaking

Sweet Oak is harvested from several different wineyards in altitude 400-500m around the village that the winery is located. These grapes are picked in full maturity and sundried for 10 to 15 days until they have a volume of sugar level that can make a sweet wine of over 15%vol. This time we fermented the dried skins for 4 days to make a bolder wine with more anthocianins and more volume 2 different yeast strains were used for more complexity. After the Fermentation the wine is aged for 6 months in french oak for maximum smoothness. Unstabilized, unfiltered wine.