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White Button 2022


Protected Geographical Indication Dodecanese

White Dry

30% Malagouzia, 20% Moschato 10% Athiri.
15% Sauvignon Blanc 15%Chardonnay.10% Assyrtiko

Ph: 3.4
Alcohol: 11.5%
Volatile acidity: 0.02gr/1
Reducing sugars: 1.4gr/1
Total sulfids: 80mg/1
Free sulfids: 30mg/l

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Winemaker’s Notes:
White button is a blend of all the white vineyards used for our main labels. This is a label of complexity and many fermentation experiments.



A delicate fusion of carefully selected white vineyards from seaside to high hills, boasting an exceptional range of flavors and aromas. These vineyards produce from 400kg to 900kg of grapes per acre, with no access to water beyond rainfall.Thankfully, last year’s rain season was favorable and lasted until April. However, zero rainfall was recorded from April until harvest. Despite this, we are thrilled to report that this white blend has exceeded expectations.

In a surprising turn of events, we experienced five days of unprecedented snowfall. While this may sound alarming, it actually yielded several benefits for our vineyards. Firstly, the snow effectively cleared the vines from any potential fungus. Secondly, this cold snap provided a period of rest for the vines that proved to be advantageous for the upcoming production season.

Treat your palate with the exceptional taste of our White Blend, proving that Mother Nature continues to surprise us with her bounties.


Production protocol of White button

After producing our main labels up to 0.2 atm, we continue pressing until we reach 0.9 atm and gather all the juice in two tanks. This process allows us to make use of the Non free run juice, which would otherwise go to waste.

To ensure that we produce a high-quality wine, we follow the same protocol as the other main labels. Firstly, we use dry ice and avoid using sulfides. We start with the wild yeast and then switch to the main yeast. The wine is then aged on the lees at 10°C for six months. After this period, we stabilize proteins and acidity before finally bottling the wine.

While this wine may have fewer elegant aromas and may not last as many years, it still offers a complex and satisfying flavor that is perfect for those looking for a young, enjoyable wine. By using all the juice, we maximize our resources and minimize waste, while still producing a high-quality product that our customers can enjoy.


Organoleptic profile of White button

White button wine displays a beautifully pale yellow hue with delicate green undertones. The aroma is reminiscent of ripe stone fruit and delicate white blossom, with subtle herbal notes and a hint of minerality. Upon taking a sip, the wine envelopes the palate in a luxurious roundness that is perfectly balanced by a bright and zesty acidity, showcasing the freshness of the wine. Layers of ripe fruits unfold on the palate, intermingling with the delicate floral and herbaceous notes detected on the nose.

The delightful fruitiness and complexity of the wine linger long after each sip, leaving an unforgettable and refreshing finish. Overall, the white button wine is a true masterpiece of finesse and elegance, perfectly poised for any occasion.