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Armenistis organic 2022


protected Geographical Indication Dodecanese
Οίνος βιολογικής γεωργίας-Wine of organic farming White dry

White Dry

Bronze 87%

60% Moschato 20% Chardonnay
10% Malagouzia 10% S.Blanc

Acidity: 7.8
Alcohol: 11.5%
Reducing sugars: 1.4gr/1
Volatile acidity: 0.27gr/l
Total sulfids: 75mg/l
Free sulfids:28mg/1

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Winemaker’s Notes:
Armenistis is a label made mainly from Moschato grapes. Moschato is the second most popular variety of our island. it can make perfect desert wines but not only by blendingthis ungrafted wineyard of Moschato with high acidity varieties we can make a truly unique wine. Citrus core with many herbal notes, high acidity with minerality, layred and complex.



Armenistis wine is a true masterpiece, crafted from the finest selection of five different organic vineyards. Two of these vineyards are home to rare, ungrafted Moschato grapes,which give the wine a unique profile that cannot be found anywhere else on the island of Rodos.

The Chardonnay vineyard boasts an impressive age of 27 years, while the Sauvignon Blanc and Malagouzia vineyards are a respectable six years old. All of these vineyards are located in a semi-mountainous region beneath the mighty Prophet Ilias mountain, which is rich in limestone.

The grapes from these exquisite vineyards are harvested early, around the 25-29 of July. This means that the Armenistis vineyards are the first in all of Europe to be harvested, showcasing the exceptional quality and dedication to detail that is put into each bottle of Armenistis wine.


Production protocol of Armenistis

After harvesting the grapes, it is crucial to store them in the fridge for 24 hours. This ensures the temperature drops from 30°C to 15°C or below, sometimes even as low as 6°C. Any temperature below 20°C is acceptable, but the lower, the better. To preserve the natural flavors and aromas of the grapes, we do not use any sulfides during the juicing process. We only extract juice until the pressure reads 0.2 atm. Additionally, to prevent oxidation, we use dry ice as an antioxidant. Carbon dioxide competes with oxygen, ensuring the aroma of the grapes remains intact.

We keep the juice at 5°C for a day or two and then begin the fermentation process. Firstly, we prepare wild yeast and ferment for three days. Next, we introduce the second yeast, which completes the fermentation process. We employ one tank for Chardonnay, Malagouzia, and Sauvignon Blanc blends, and conduct their alcoholic fermentation at 14-16°C. We use a neutral yeast for the second tank, which we use for Moschato, this yeast expresses the vineyard’s terroir and brings out the limestone flavor.

After fermentation, we age the wine on the lees for six months. Following this, we blend the wine and stabilize it at -2°C. Lastly, we employ light filtration, and bottle the wine. Overall, by adhering to strict temperature and preparation guidelines, we ensure the highest quality wine possible.


Organoleptic profile of Armenistis

Armenistis is a dazzling light yellow wine, sparkling with green highlights that catch the eye. Upon opening, the nose is swept away with a symphony of green aromas, epitomized by succulent notes of apple, herbal freshness, and an expressive minerality that pays homage to the vineyards.

Upon tasting, the wine’s full body is immediately apparent, as its rich flavor combines effortlessly with an impeccable acidity that brings everything into balance. The minerality once again takes center stage, accentuating a roundness that extends to the mouth and indulges the taste buds. The wine’s long aftertaste provides the perfect amount of complexity and finishes each sip on a high note.

Overall, Armenistis is a wine that embodies the excellence of the vineyards it comes from. Its lightness stands in perfect contrast to the fullness of its taste, while its delicate green hue adds to its distinctiveness. A bottle of Armenistis is like a time capsule of the vineyard’s flavors, kept ripe and ready for consumption.