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Amoriano Sweet 2021


Protected Geographical Indication Dodecanese

Naturally Red Sweet



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Winemaker’s Notes

Amoriano Sweet is a unique blend that draws from the essence of nine small vineyards locatednear the enchanting Emponas village To create this exquisite blend, we only take 1200 litres from 9000kg grapes because of the late harvesting and sun-drying them for two weeks. The fermentation process, which involves fermenting with the skins for 10 days, followed by pressing and the completion of fermentation in the tank.

The wine is then aged on the lees for a year before bottling, resulting in a rich and complex wine that boasts of cherry and dark chocolate aroma This wine pairs perfectly with a chocolate dessert, allowing you to indulge in a delectable sensory experience that is Amoriano Sweet.



The vineyards of Amoriano are situated in a stunning semi-mountainous area surrounding the charming village of Embona. There are a total of five vineyards in the region, most of which are self-rooted and produce around 800 kg per acre. The Amoriano grape variety, which is also known as Mandilaria in the rest of Greece, is a unique berry-like grape with big berries and gripy tannins that possess a high percentage of anthocyanins.


Production protocol of Amoriano sweet

This wine is a unique blend of grapes sourced from 7 small vineyards, each of which produce a low yield of only 800kg per acre.

Amoriano Sweet is crafted using a meticulous process that ensures only the highest quality juice is used.

The grapes are first spread out on flat ground and allowed to naturally dehydrate in the sun. Only 18% of the juice with the highest sugar levels is then taken. After 20 days of drying, the grapes are destemmed and fermented with the skins in low temperatures for another 20 days. Once the fermentation process is complete, the wine is pressed resulting in 1300 liters from the total of 7000kg of grapes. The wine is then left to mature in tanks for an additional 12 months before undergoing stabilization, filtration, and bottling to ensure a high-quality finished product.

Amoriano Sweet is the perfect wine for those who appreciate the art of winemaking and the complexities of a well-crafted blend. With its unique process and exceptional taste, it is truly a wine that stands out from the crowd.


Organoleptic profile of Amoriano Sweet

Dark red color with luxurious purple highlights. The aroma is a symphony of chocolate, cherries, and red fruits, all blending together harmoniously to create an irresistible bouquet.

With a sweet taste and full body, it’s hard not to fall in love with this wine. The tannins are beautifully smooth, adding a velvety touch to the palate, and the long fruity aftertaste leaves a lasting, delightful impression.

Overall, this wine has everything a discerning wine critic could want – complexity, depth, balance, and elegance, all wrapped into an exquisite package. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a fine meal, or simply to savor on its own, adding a touch of luxury to any occasion.