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Sweet Orange organic 2020


Protected Geographical Indication Dodecanese Οίνος βιολογικής γεωργίας-Wine of organic farming

Naturally Orange Sweet


50% Moschato, 20% Malagouzia
20% Chardonnay, 10% Sauvignon blank
Barrel aged 14 months

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Winemaker’s notes

At Sweet Orange Bio, we produce a truly unique juice by carefully crafting it through a distinctive production method. Instead of using artificial heat or mechanical pressing to extract the juice, we rely on the power of the sun and time to naturally dry the grapes. This process allows for a special reaction to occur, known as the Maillard reaction, which enhances the aroma and flavor of the juice by caramelizing the skins of the grapes.

The high levels of natural sugars in the juice also pose a challenge for fermentation, as they can create a harsh or alcoholic taste. To overcome this hurdle, we use a specific strain of yeast that can produce glycerol, a compound that contributes to a smooth and velvety mouthfeel. The yeast cells do this as a defense mechanism against the high osmotic pressure of the sugar-rich environment, resulting in a harmonious balance of sweetness and complexity.



Sweet Orange is crafted from the finest selection of 4 different organic vineyards. Two of these vineyards are home to rare, ungrafted Moschato grapes,which give the wine a unique profile that cannot be found anywhere else on the island of Rodos.

The Chardonnay vineyard boasts an impressive age of 27 years, while the Sauvignon Blanc and Malagouzia vineyards are a respectable six years old. All of these vineyards are located in a semi-mountainous region beneath Prophet Ilias mountain, which is rich in limestone. The grapes from these vineyards are harvested early,around the 25-29 of July.


Production protocol of Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange is a blend of grapes from four distinct vineyards located in semi-mountainous terrain. Our winemaking process begins by sun-drying the grapes for ten days before embarking on a cold soak and a two-day fermentation with the skins. After fermentation concludes, we allow the wine to age for a year with the yeast. The final stage of the process is to mature the wine in premium French oak barrels for a total of 14 months.

The result is a wine that showcases the unique terroir of our vineyards, with notes of sweet citrus and a subtle oak finish.


Organoleptic profile of Sweet orange

Sweet orange has a beautiful and rich dark caramel color, presenting a visual delight to any wine lover. The aroma of caramelized fruits is immediately distinguished with a strong presence of jam. Secondary notes of flowers and honey add to the complexity and depth of the aroma, making this wine an absolute pleasure to smell.

Upon the first sip, the wine reveals a luxurious mouthfeel that is both sweet and smooth. The taste of the caramelized fruits is even more pronounced here, with an intensity that is both memorable and elegant. The long aftertaste of this wine is also a thing of beauty, leaving a satisfyingly lingering impression on the palate. Overall, this wine is a true work of art, masterfully crafted to deliver a truly decadent tasting experience. The harmonious blend of flavors, aromas, and textures make this wine a must-have for anyone who appreciates high-quality, richly-hued, and full-bodied wines.