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Rose Blend organic 2021


Protected Geographical Indication Dodecanese Οίνος βιολογικής γεωργίας-Wine of organic farming

Rose dry

80% Moschato, 20% Merlot

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Winemaker’s Notes

Rose Blend is a unique winery owned by organic Moschato vineyards blended with 20% organic merlot. Moschato is the second most popular grape variety in Rhodes, known for its sweet wine. However, by blending with a red variety before fermentation, an aromatic and delightful blend can be created. Alternatively, high acidity white varieties can be used to make a delectable dry white wine, like the ones in the Armenistis organic label. Explore the flavors of Rose Blend and experience the essence of Rhodes in every sip.



Rose Blend Vineyards specializes in two self-rooted Moschato varieties, with an additional 20% obtained from our exceptional Merlot vineyard situated beneath the majestic Mount Prophet Ilias.

Our Late Harest Moschato provides a distinct aroma profile featuring tropical fruit notes. All of our vineyards are organic, delivering high-quality wine that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable.


Production protocol of Rose blend

Our Rose Blend is made from 80% organic Moschato grapes, and 20% organic Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes. We take extra care during the grape harvest, picking the reds five days before the Moschato grapes, to ensure a fully finished color extraction using the cold soak technique.

Once the reds are ready, we refrigerate our Moschato grapes for a day, then destem them and add them to the press alongside the reds. We use dry ice to fill the press with CO2, which competes with oxygen while we work to get the perfect press. We only take juice that is below 0.5 atm, which we then transfer to the tank to begin the fermentation process.

We start with a wild yeast, allowing it to ferment for two days before switching to an esteric yeast to continue and finish the fermentation. We then age the wine on the lees for four months, stabilizing proteins and acidity before conducting a light filter and bottling.

Our commitment to using organic grapes and our attention to detail during each step of the winemaking process result in a light and refreshing Rose Blend that is perfect for any occasion.


Organoleptic profile of Rose blend

The light rose colour of this wine is truly captivating, lending itself to the perfect visual representation of its delicate and refined flavours. As you indulge in the aroma, you’ll notice a beautiful blend of tropical ripened fruits, alongside small red berries and strawberries with subtle notes of flowers, truly an invigorating scent!

When tasting this wine, you’ll notice a full-bodied expression with balanced acidity to complement the fruity notes, and the long sweet aftertaste will linger on the palate, completing the overall experience.