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Oak Blend 2022


Protected Geographical Indication Dodecanese
Red Dry Gold 91%

30% C. Sauvignon
30% Merlot 30% Syrah
10% Amoriano

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Winemaker’s Notes
Oak blend is a singe vineyard production.
This is a blend between two different years one aged for 24 months in oak barel and the other is aged for 14 months. A warm area vineyard is producing a wine with smooth tannins and fruit forward aroma,the barrel is participating but
not overpowering the blend. During summer you have the ability to enjoy in a temperature 12-15.



The Oak Blend wine we produce is a combination of three different grape varieties – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah – grown in a single vineyard as well as two vineyards of Amoriano grape. Located in a semi-mountainous region under the mountain of Prophet Ilias, half of these vineyards are self-rooted, and the production ranges from 500kg to 900kg per acre.
To ensure the highest quality of our red wine, we aim to maintain a lower production in
the red varieties. The warm climate of the region is perfect for red varieties to thrive, and
the harvest season spans from 5th to 12th August. Despite the late harvest, the wine’s acidity ranges from pH 3.2 to 3.3, adding to its unique taste and flavor.
Moving forward, we plan to only plant Greek varieties in our winery.
We believe that Greek grape varieties are a treasure that deserves to be celebrated, and we’re committed to showcasing their true potential in all our wines.


Production protocol of Oak Blend

After each variety is harvested, we take care to properly store it in the fridge for a day to reduce the temperature. The following day, we destem the grapes into the tank, ensuring that the temperature is kept below 9°C to prevent fermentation and maximize the extraction of smooth tannins and anthocyanins then let the tank sit for 3-5 days before adding wild yeast to start the fermentation process.
We allow the temperature to rise to 12°C before introducing the main yeast, which is a unique strain specific to each variety.
After two weeks, we remove the skins from the juice and return the juice to the tank to continue fermentation. We monitor the temperature and ensure that it does not exceed 18°C. We then age the wine on the lees for 10 months, which guarantees smooth tannins, high red fruit aroma, and exceptional aging potential of over 10 years.
Following the aging on the lees, we transfer the wine to barrels, which consist of a blend from two different years, 2020 and 2021. Our wine ages in the barrels for 24 and 14 months, respectively, with 20% being new barrels, This process results in a complex and layered wine with deep flavor profiles.
Overall, our meticulous protocol ensures that each variety is given the care it deserves, resulting in a high-quality product with exceptional aging potential.


Organoleptic profile of Oak Blend

A stunning dark red wine that is sure to leave a lasting impression. The aroma is complex and enticing, with notes of dark red fruits such as blackberry, cherry, and black currant intermingling with delicate hints of violet and small red berries. But that’s not all the barrel has imbued this wine with subtle undertones of chocolate, tobacco, tea, and cedar, creating a rich and nuanced bouquet that is sure to tantalize the senses.
When it comes to texture and flavor, our oak blend does not disappoint. In the mouth, the wine is smooth and full-bodied, with a lovely roundness that is complemented by a long and satisfying aftertaste.
The tannins are well-structured and balanced, ensuring that the wine is both delightful to sip on its own and versatile enough to pair with a wide range of cuisine.